2019 brings a slight drop in ARPU – but there’s no cause for alarm

With stores emptying out and shoppers using their phone for the majority of their shopping, the end of 2018 has been a fruitful one for publishers.

As you’ll read from our recent blog post, new records were broken for mobile shopping on Black Friday, with consumers in the United States purchasing more than $2 billion in retail items straight from their smartphones – the first time this has occurred in history. This resulted in the ad inventory on publisher websites increasing in demand dramatically, resulting in higher ad spend, and a higher ARPU (average revenue per user).

Marfeel’s ad tech solution works to mitigate the effects of seasonality, but with advertisers throwing so much of their spend towards the end of the year, they usually don’t have much budget to play with when the year starts again.

So with any rise, there is a slight fall, and we are alerting you now that there is usually a dip in ARPU that takes place from December 26th.

This is not a cause for concern and publishers will need to show patience. As 2019 continues, you will see a gradual climb in ARPU towards March. We stress that publishers should continue their efforts as normal, regularly producing content and engaging their readership.

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