7 Uncommon WordPress Plugins Every Publisher Should Be Using

With an amazing 50-60% share of the global CMS market, WordPress is by far the most popular CMS out there. The platform powers 28% of the internet, and websites employ their own unique plugin configurations to get their website performing just how they like it. How are your plugins configured? This post will show you seven unknown WordPress plugins that every publisher should be using.

Plugins: Helping the Web Do Great Things

As of the time of writing this article, there are 52,454 plugins available for wordpress. With so many plugins out there – and with overlapping functionality – the choice can be overwhelming. But still, that didn’t stop 824,474,872 plugin downloads from taking place in 2014.

Most websites will already be using the usual suspects: Askimet, Yoast SOE and Disqus; but which unknown WordPress plugins can boost your website?

#1 ShortPixel Image Optimizer
Speedy websites rank higher in search results and keep users engaged. This freemium and easy-to-use plugin has 50,000 active installs and uses minimal resources to optimize the images and PDF documents on your website with just a single click. This is a quick win for publishers looking to make their website lighter and load quicker on the devices of their readers.

#2 Broken Link Checker
Broken links can really damage the experience of your audience, meaning negative impacts to session times, bounce rates, and even your revenues. This plugin monitors your blog and finds broken links, collecting them together in your admin panel so that you can easily choose how to deal with them.

#3 Reading Progress Bar
Do you produce longform content? The human brain can find progress indicators deeply satisfying because they address our need to better understand stories. There are many types of progress bars and you could experiment to find which would work best for you. Plugins like Reading Position Indicator make a great starting point.

#4 Search Meter
Analytics can reveal what your audience is interested in, what they are looking for, as well as how and where. The search bar on your website or blog is a great place to gather some of these analytics – and the Search Meter plugin helps you to do this. With this plugin, you can see exactly what your audience is searching for and cater your content to meet those needs.

#5 Plugins Garbage Collector
The size of your WordPress database has impacts on the performance of your website. Because there are so many WordPress plugins out there, many publishers have installed and uninstalled different plugins over time. This nifty plugin scans your WordPress database to check for – and then reveal – any leftover and unnecessary garbage from old plugins.

#6 Comments Not Replied To
Depending on your niche and how you interact with your audience, replying to comments and fostering a close relationship may be very important. This great little plugin will help you to make sure you’re always replying to those that leave comments on your articles and posts.

#7 WPS Hide Login
One of the most common methods of hacking is still brute force attempts, where hackers find login pages and repeatedly attempt to get access. This plugin is a light and simple solution that changes the URL of the login page to anything that you like. This is a simple way to keep ahead of hackers and secure your website from the beginning.

Those are our 7 uncommon WordPress plugins. Now that your website is more powerful than ever, why not check out our earlier post, 12 Amazing Free Tools for Bloggers? If you want more tips on how to get the most from your website, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter using the form below.

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