Zoom, Pan and Focus: New and Enhanced Gallery of Images

Publishers have asked for a way for their readers to engage with the striking visual content on their sites. A smart and intuitive solution has been found. The Marfeel team has developed a new and enhanced gallery of images where readers can zoom, pan and focus.

Drawing on the suggestions from Marfeel’s community of publishers and bloggers the team wanted to make the gallery even more interactive and visually engaging.

The Marfeel team has sharpened the visual experience by allowing publishers to showcase the actual quality and scale of their visuals.

Just as before the gallery opens when touching one of the images from an article. The image is highlighted in the gallery. It occupies part or all of the screen in proportion to its resolution and dimensions. Other images from the same article can be accessed with a horizontal swipe.

Now the team has gone a step further to expand the functionality of the gallery.

What is different is that now with a pinch the reader can zoom in to sharpen focus on the visual content. All peripheral elements like the footer, gradients and even ads are hidden allowing the user to exclusively focus on the picture. And once zoomed in the reader can pan across the magnified view to bring into focus any part of the image.

The Marfeel team anticipates this will be a dynamic way for readers to engage with visual content on publishers’ sites. Based on metrics Marfeel expects this development will increase page views and reading time leading to greater revenue with Marfeel’s partners.

We are never finished designing. What other suggestions do you have for the mobile experience? Let us know.