AdTech Weekly Round Up

A look at how last week’s news affects mobile publishers…

Google and its Partners Will Issue Refunds to Advertisers Over Fake Traffic
Google has confirmed what the Wall Street Journal reported in August—that it will be issuing refunds for ads bought through its systems that ran on websites with fake content. Google also said that a handful of their ad exchange partners will do the same. Google originally was going to reimburse advertisers for the “platform fee” but now will issue full refunds for actual ad space that was purchased, as will some of its partners.

Facebook Will Target Ads to People Based on Store Visits, Offline Purchases, and Calls to Businesses
Facebook continues to roll out new marketing products. It has formally launched a tool that will enable advertisers to target ads at people based on offline actions such as in-store purchases or phone calls to a marketer’s call center. In addition to retargeting people, brands can use “Custom Audiences” to target so-called “lookalike” audiences of people who share similar characteristics to those people listed in a Custom Audience, as well as to exclude members of a Custom Audience from being shown an ad.

Internal Analytics a Powerful Motivator for AdTech Adoption
A survey of adtech buyers from France, German, the UK, and US conducted by eMarketer found that, for more than half of them, the ability to use their own data to power analytics is a key reason for investment in the technology. The survey mentioned other benefits that come with adtech adoption (lead generation, brand awareness) but also indicated that putting adtech to work remains a challenge, despite the potential advantages.

AdTech Dominates: Looking Back at dmexco and Forward to the Future
Exchange Wire offers a nice, condensed recap of the recent dmexco conference in Germany and what it means moving forward. The upshot: AdTech is now the accepted “norm,” consultancies are moving in, digital advertising is no longer a “behind the curtains” practice, and “collaboration and standardization” are coming to the adtech profession.

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