AdTech Weekly Round Up

A look at how last week’s news affects mobile publishers…

Facebook Offers Users More Info on Publishers
In an effort to bolster its relationship with reputable publishers, Facebook will begin adding a small new button that will appear on article links in the News Feed. This button will provide background content about the publishers behind the article. Facebook hopes this information will help users to make judgements on the trustworthiness of the content. Facebook is also primarily using Wikipedia for background content on publishers. The idea is if there is no Wikipedia entry, users should probably be dubious of the content.

Google is Paying Publishers Working on ‘Stamp,” its version of Snapchat’s Discover and Instagram Stories
Recode reported that Google is working with some major publishers and is providing “incentives” for their help with their new “Stamp” project. This is Google’s own version of a multimedia format patterned after Snapchat’s Discover and Instagram’s Stories. Some of the participating publishers describe Stamp as a “multimedia slide format, optimized for phones, that’s supposed to surface at the top of Google’s search results but would also live on their own sites. The format won’t be widely distributed at first which puts an initial cramp on inventory. Publishers will be able to keep all of the ad revenue they generate since Google doesn’t have plans to sell ads for the format right now.

Mobile Ads will Make Up 62 Percent of Digital Ad Spends in India by 2021: Report
eMarketer has another report on the strong demand for mobile advertising. The report says the expected surge in digital ad spends in India is fueled by “growing demand for smartphones, cheap 4G handsets and falling data prices.” Mobile advertising is expected to grow 85 percent in 2017 and the increase will “also help boost overall digital marketing spending to around $1.21 billion this year.” The research firm also predicted double-digit growth for mobile ad spending in India for the next few years.

Snapchat’s New Engagement Weapon: Maps
Axios is reporting that Snapchat has seen nearly 40 percent growth in Stories engagement since launching Snap Maps. Snap Maps is a tool that allows you to upload and share content within seconds and to share locations with friends. You can also view Snaps submitted from all across the world from sporting events, celebrations or breaking news. CEO Evan Spiegel says this form of user engagement, spurred by camera creativity, will create more opportunities for advertisers which will help Snapchat compete with rivals Facebook and Instagram in the long run.

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