AdTech Weekly Round Up

A look at how last week’s news affects mobile publishers…

CREDIT SUISSE: Facebook Is Making More Money on Targeted Ads Than Ever
An analyst from Credit Suisse says Facebook is surviving quite nicely despite recent hits to its public image. The primary reason, according to Stephen Ju, is the “rising advertiser propensity to spend a greater portion of budgets on more targeted buys at effective CPMs more than double that of the untargeted buy.” Ju claims Facebook hasn’t added a significant number of ads to its platform but “the price of those ads has gone up as advertisers have opted for more expensive targeted ads, raising the average price per ad.”

Mobile Games In-App Advertising Chat with Jun Group
A survey behind audience preferences and behaviors regarding mobile gaming apps is the discussion point of a Q and A interview with Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut. The App Developer Magazine article was prompted by comScore report that in 2017, “people will spend 87 percent of their mobile time using applications.” Reichgut comments on the study’s insight across gender and age groups. And he discusses the ways advertisers view in-game ad inventory and his encouragement of more dollars “flowing into the brand-safe and family-friendly app environment.”

As Facebook Live Video Dreams Fade, Publishers Look Again to Twitter
According to this Digiday report, publishers embracing “live video” are apparently embracing Twitter as the social media company is said to be getting into the format in a big way. Among the advantages cited for using Twitter for live video is the capability of one Twitter tool to cut live video presentations into several clips in order to publish them independently on Twitter. These shorter videos can be monetized with pre-roll ads and Twitter seems to be providing a lot of promotion for these live shows. The live video experiment on Twitter is still in its infancy, but at least one publisher feels the monetization platform is more favorable than what others provide.

The Real Power of Publisher Data
AdExchanger provides the thoughts of a top executive on the power of publisher data. Chip Schenck of the Meredith Corp. says blended data sets that combine first-, second-, and third-party data sets are becoming the “new normal” to inform target audiences and campaigns. He says blended data sets “are powerful because of the underlying publisher data they incorporate.” He talks about how publishers can exploit the ongoing relationships it has with consumers in multiple contexts, across multiple verticals and platforms. Schenck says this data is “based on millions of signals shared each moment at the individual level. Marketers can leverage this data to confirm their target audience, reduce wasted impressions and scale their knowledge of the consumer.”

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