AdTech Weekly Round Up

A look at how last week’s news affects mobile publishers…

IAB UK Launches ‘Gold Standard’ to Clean Up Online Advertising
In an effort to address the key issues facing the industry and raise the standards in digital advertising, the IAB UK announced the launching the “IAB Gold Standard.” Off the bat, the three fundamental aims of this initiative are to reduce ad fraud, to improve the digital advertising experience and to increase brand safety. This initiative was spearheaded by 23 IAB UK board member companies (including Facebook and Google) who have publicly signed a letter committing to its standards. The deadline for these companies to implement these initiatives will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Facebook to Launch News Subscription Feature, Some Big Names Opt Out
Facebook announced this week a trial with major US news publishers that will limit the number of articles a mobile app user can read in a month followed by an option for the user to subscribe through the publisher’s own websites. Facebook would not take a cut in any of the completed subscriptions. The Washington Post, the Economist, the Boston Globe, Germany’s Bild and France’s Le Parisien will participate in the trail. The Wall Street Journal will not because it says the “on-size fits all” testing model is a step back from the WSJ’s own paywall strategy.

A Sophisticated Bot Taking over Major Sports Sites is Costing Advertisers up to $250 Million a Year
NFL team domains, ESPN and CBS Sports are a few of some major sports websites that fraud company Foresnsiq claims are losing major dollars from a stealthy bot that is using a new siphoning tactic. The firm discovered the sports bot after tracking web traffic from major sports sites, totaling 340 million impressions. Forensiq believes “this bot is targeting premium content, essentially hijacking legitimate publishers’ online ad space through malware. Specifically, the bot is focused on video ad units, which typically have higher cost-per-thousand, or CPM, prices.”

Online Video Spend Overtakes Banner Ads for First Time
The UK Internet Advertising Bureau put out a report this week showed advertisers spent more on video ads than banner ads for the first ever time, the result of the rise in popularity of people watching online video. The report said in the first half of 2017, “advertisers spent £699 million on video ads – a 46% year-on-year rise – whilst spend on banner ads increased by just under 2% to £685 million. Video is the fastest-growing ad format and now accounts for 35% of all spend going on display advertising.”

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