AdTech Weekly Round Up

A look at how last week’s news affects mobile publishers

Facebook Changes Trending Topics to Make News Easier to Find

Facebook is making a change to its Trending Topics section to let users easily look through multiple news sources for each topic. In the new update, a user will click on a story topic, and then see what multiple publishers have said about each story. Users will also see what friends or public figures they follow have said about the story. Facebook product manager Ali Ahmadi and designer John Angelo said in a post that “by making it easier to see what other news outlets are saying about each topic, we hope that people will feel more informed about the news in their region.” The goal is to provide a balanced look at each topic, removing any perceived or real biases from human curators.

Google is Now Tracking Spending in Physical Stores

In addition to tracking online spending to attribute sales to the advertisements it serves, Google will now track offline spending, too. Applying credit and debit card data found within Google services, or 70 percent of data in the United States, the advertising giant will be able to math in-store purchases with clicks on digital advertising. While they won’t be able to see what purchasers bought or how much they spent, it will still provide valuable attribution for those trying to draw in-store sales with online advertising. For those worried about privacy, it’s done in a “double-blind” technique, where Google is blocked from seeing personal data from its partners, and vice versa.

Smartphones Are Now in 80 percent of United States Houses

New data from Consumer Technology Association’s 19th Annual Consumer Technology Ownership and Market Potential Study shows that 80 percent of American households now have smartphones, which is a six-percent increase over the last year. Smartphones have become a necessary device for many, whether it’s for professional or personal life, and they continue to become ubiquitous in the States. That six-percent increase represents an extra 27 million phones, and further solidifies the smartphone as the device of the present and future.

T-Mobile’s New “Digits” Service Lets Users Take Their Number More Places

T-Mobile is aiming to let its users take their phone numbers more places with a new service called “Digits.” The service, which T-Mobile has been beta testing with select users, will be available to all customers starting May 31. It lets users synchronize numbers between phones, tablets, and computers, as well as using the same number on multiple phones. This service is much like Apple’s iMessage, which give users access to their texts and calls on multiple Apple devices. In testing T-Mobile found that most testers used the app to text on their PCs or tablets, but many users also found it useful to have phone calls go to multiple devices.

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