AdTech Weekly Round Up

A look at how last week’s news affects mobile publishers…

The FCC Just Voted to Kill Net Neutrality. What Does That Mean for Advertisers?
In a 3–2 party-line vote Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal Net Neutrality regulations, which prohibit internet service providers like Verizon or Comcast from blocking, throttling or prioritizing content or from favoring their own media with better data or bandwidth. The result of the vote was a foregone conclusion. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has been a vocal opponent of net neutrality for years. Pai favors taking a free market approach to broadband services. In 2015, Pai was one of two dissenting votes when the Democratic-led commission voted in favor of net neutrality under the previous chairman. Having repealed net neutrality, Pai’s plan is for the FCC to work together with the Federal Trade Commission to police the internet while ceding authority over broadband companies to the FTC.

Facebook Updates Ad Policy to Prioritize Video
In order to compete more directly with YouTube, Facebook has announced plans to promote videos more prominently inside its news feed. As part of the plans, it will also change the kind of advertisements that run in videos on its network. Among these changes will be the introduction of pre-roll advertising, which is being tested in environments where users “intentionally go to watch videos”, such as its recently-added Watch tab. The introduction of pre-roll is part of the company’s plans to make its platforms more appealing to video creators, who have so far overwhelmingly used other channels. The changes to the news feed will mean that users are more likely to see videos that Facebook thinks they want to watch, based on pages they have liked and behavioral data from the site, for example presenting new episodes of shows if users have watched earlier episodes.

Five Trends that Will Shape Mobile Ad Tech in 2018
Marketing Profs has put out its “crystal ball” look into the upcoming year with a listing of trends the ad tech world needs to be aware of. They include thoughts on industry consolidation; China’s influence on innovation; transparency and accountability; what they call “Laggards and Late Majority” and, finally, AI pushing the boundaries of possibilities.

Mobile Marketing Means Serious Business
The Australian digital intelligence firm (Which-50) is touting what it calls a big theme in a Gartner’s recent survey on Multichannel Marketing effectiveness. It says the emergence of mobile as a dominant channel for multichannel marketers may seem old hat, but the company claims marketers often have struggled to effectively incorporate mobile into their marketing strategies. In the past, most multichannel marketers didn’t see a need to go beyond creating mobile extensions of existing desktop-based engagement techniques tool and rated mobile marketing their least mature capability. But Which-50 now reports that in 2016, marketers told them on average, they were using 3.5 mobile techniques (out of a total of 13 mentioned in a survey) and had another two in the pilot stage. Fast-forward to 2017, and marketers now have 4.3 tactics live on average, and are piloting 3.1, representing a combined increase of 33 per cent.

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