AdTech Weekly Round Up

A look at how last week’s news affects mobile publishers

Google AMP Is Leading Users to Spend More Time with Content

A new report from web analytics company Chartbeat shows that Google AMP is paying off for publishers. Users reaching a site through Google AMP are spending an average of 48.2 seconds on pages they visit, while they only spend 35.6 seconds on standard pages found through search. The biggest advantage of AMP remains its speed, with the average page taking 1.4 seconds to load, while a standard page takes 5.3 seconds. “In sum, speed matters more to the consumer than we anticipated, and leads to deeper engagement with content,” Chartbeat said in a white paper obtained by Recode. AMP is increasingly becoming a vital part of any content distribution strategy, and 16 percent of mobile traffic is coming from the platform.

Could Amazon Shake up the Digital Advertising Landscape?

Amazon has cornered the online retail marketplace, but now they could be looking to take a major chunk of the online advertising space as well. The Seattle-based behemoth has been thought of as a “sleeping giant” for a while now, and now it seems they’re ready to get in the game. The process has started over the past few years, as the company has given publishers advertising tech products like its own ad marketplace and software to measure shopper insights. The changes have come as more and more companies have placed their products on Amazon, and then use advertising on the site to drive revenue. Google and Facebook won’t get knocked off the top any time soon, but as Amazon wades deeper into the online advertising waters, they will start to feel the ripples.

Even When Users Are Watching Television, Mobile Still Plays a Big Role

Facebook’s newest survey tells you everything you need to know about the race between online and television advertising. Mobile is pushing online past TV at a rapid pace, and even when users are in front of the big screen, they’re going back to the little one while the advertisements play. The data shows that users are paying attention to the television content, but zoning out pre- and post-show, as well as during commercials. This doesn’t even account for those users who are watching their favorite shows on streaming services or DVR, where they can skip advertisements altogether.

Mobile Ad Spending Is Booming in the APAC Region

Advertising spend in the Asia-Pacific region is still growing at a steady rate, with China seeing the biggest gains. Smaato reports that ad spending in China was up 90 percent in the first quarter over last year. That large increase helped boost the entire region to a 14 percent increase over 2016. The second largest came from down under, with Australia seeing a 37 percent increase. Mobile continues to grow around the world, and APAC is no exception. Marketers are learning how to target users from around the globe, and this is just the beginning.

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