AdTech Weekly Round Up

A look at how last week’s news affects mobile publishers…

The Race to Mobile Virtual Reality Ads is On

A Google blog post this week told the world that the company has built an early version of a virtual reality advertising format. And the format is built specifically for mobile VR apps. It wouldn’t be a race without a competitor which, of course, means Facebook is also working to create similar ads. Both companies feel strongly that developers are licking their chops to create a “flood” of apps that utilize the technology.

Why AdTech and MarTech are Merging Now

There is some intelligence from down under regarding the ongoing industry discussion of the merging of advertising tech and marketing tech. Which-50, an Australian consulting firm in the digital intelligence sector, recently held a roundtable under the assumption the merger is indeed happening so the discussion centered around “how far along are we and what is really driving” it. Within the article is a posted video on “Three reasons AdTech and MarTech are Merging Now”.

Niche Holiday Ad Targeting Can Now Be All in the Family

This won’t be the first time you read “just in time for the holidays” but it might be the most impactful for publishers. Facebook is introducing what it calls a “household audience” feature that will allow brands to aim ads, within a particular household, to those who influence decisions and those who make the actual purchase. If it works, and you’ll be able to see the metrics in Facebook’s updated Ad Reporting Dashboard, the company expects to siphon ad dollars from the television networks and maybe even to reduce wasted ad spend.

Steaming TV Help Makes QVC “The ESPN for Shopping Fans”

There was lots of bemoaning this week about layoffs in the digital news world, especially with major sports sites, as experienced writers are being shed because the online industry is “going to video.” Not a problem for the “Quality Value Convenience” network, otherwise known as QVC. This article showcases the astounding ecommerce success of QVC, based in large part on video and the “fastest growing” platforms of mobile and apps.

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