AdTech Weekly Round Up

A look at how last week’s news affects mobile publishers…

The fight for net neutrality continues and what it means for marketers
The FCC once again threatens to impede the open internet. On July 12, organizers, companies, and concerned internet users banded together in a day of digital protest to save net neutrality. The relaxed regulations being proposed for the open internet will affect both marketers and consumers. The power dynamic would largely tilt towards the internet provider giants, which could make it harder for marketers to reach their consumers. It also makes the concept of paying for faster internet connections and blocked content a potential reality.

Spending on mobile advertising passes $100 billion globally
Digital advertising spending continues to increase around the world while traditional ad sales drop. Digital ad spend will lead advertising sales globally, passing television for the first time. Formats such as video and social are two of the driving forces in digital ad growth. Within the medium, mobile spending will take a larger piece of the pie than desktop. Spending on digital, and mobile in particular, will continue to grow as publishers adapt to the technology and create new advertising formats.

Facebook introduces ads inside messenger inboxes globally
Facebook has been beta testing ads that appear in the middle of inbox messages. The idea is to let companies buy space within your messages. Ads will still be targeted through Facebook targeting and not through the content of inbox messages. Through beta testing, Facebook will determine the best display formats for the advertisements as well as public sentiment about the new ad location. The ads will appear in messenger for a select number of individuals while testing continues.

AdColony changes their strategy by embracing programmatic ad sales options
The digital media company let nearly 100 employees go in an effort to streamline their advertising sales efforts and focus on programmatic ad options. Many advertisers have switched to programmatic sales as a budget-friendly option. The shift in focus is an effort to keep up with mobile growth. AdColony’s CEO said their decisions were hard but necessary in order to see the company grow.

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