AdTech Weekly Round Up

A look at how last week’s news affects mobile publishers…

Native advertising gets pushed to the forefront with new AdSense format from Google
Google has come up with yet another format for AdSense. The new native ad format is designed to seamlessly integrate into the publisher’s website. The goal is to serve ads that are less intrusive and provide a better experience for the user and ultimately increase user engagement. This move is huge for Google, but also for native advertising as a whole. It puts the tech giant in a great spot, while signaling that native advertising is a format that should be utilized.

Facebook is testing ads all over their social media platforms
Facebook has finally maxed out their ad space in News Feed. The company says more ads in user’s feeds will have an inverse effect, making the experience one that is more annoying than positive. Facebook’s revenue will slow because of this. To combat the lack of ad load space in News Feed, the tech company is selling ads anywhere else they can manage, including mid-roll video ads, ads within Instagram stories, ads inside Facebook messenger inboxes, and soon ads in Facebook Marketplace. Testing of ads in different locations has been taking place for months. Which one will stick around remains to be seen.

Snapchat is in the market for an ad tech company
In order to boost its appeal to marketers and increase their ad revenue, Snapchat is looking to acquire an ad tech startup. Its focus is set on marketing tech and ad tech companies. Snapchat has had talks with AdRoll and is continuing to take meetings. The company has been facing tough competition from another large social platform, Instagram. This combined with a dip in stock has increased the pressure on Snapchat. The goals for an acquisition are to put investor minds at ease after Snapchat had a rocky start on the public market, and to demonstrate that the social media platform can produce results from advertisements.

The Sizmek-Rocket Fuel acquisition may have larger implications on the adtech world
Sizmek is acquiring Rocket Fuel, a predictive marketing platform with AI capabilities. The Sizmek-Rocket Fuel merger combines creative AI capabilities with creative optimization. It is beneficial to these companies and especially to their clients. This acquisition has many speculating an end to the Google-Facebook duopoly era. This could mean more fair competition within the advertising space, giving more companies an equal chance at succeeding. This large new acquisition also forecasts an approaching consolidation within the ad tech world. Advancements in technology will lead to more strategic partnerships that will better assist companies in delivering results for their clients.

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