AdTech Weekly Round Up

A look at how last week’s news affects mobile publishers…

Instant Articles is officially including subscriptions
The rumor that Facebook would be adding subscription paywalls to Instant Articles has finally been confirmed. The company has previously hinted at the update, leaving readers and publishers eager to learn more. Facebook has been making attempts to mend relationships with publishers who are unhappy about their share of revenues on Instant Articles. This subscription service could be a game-changer for publishers using the platform, especially considering that all of the subscription profits will go directly to the publishers. For now, the service is being tested with a few unnamed publishers.

Google is testing new subscription tools to help support publishers
In related news, Google is also making a peace offering to publishers by developing new subscription-based tools. The company is currently testing tools through its AMP Project to help publishers attract more subscribers. The advertising giant is in talks with multiple media outlets. This news comes after Facebook’s recent announcement that its Instant Articles content will be locked behind a subscription paywall (see previous story). It seems that both companies are looking to improve relationships with publishers in order to keep the stream of content, and the readers that follow, continually flowing.

Facebook makes another effort to end fake news
The fight against fake news continues with Facebook’s latest weapon—publisher logos. Links to articles posted on Facebook will now have the publisher’s logo displayed right next to the stories. The recognizable logos of popular publishers will help readers know where the content is coming from, and whether or not that content is reliable. This new tool was developed by the Facebook Journalism Project, whose goal is to build relationships with media outlets. Following the news, many publishers have praised the social media company for its consistent effort to rid the platform of fake news.

Google is now showing six-second video previews on mobile
Google has added yet another update to their AMP project. Links that contain videos will now be displayed as six-second clips in search results. The preview is intended to give readers a quick and informative snippet to help them decide if they want to spend their time watching the whole thing. This will help cut down on wasted time spent sitting through a video only to find out it is not at all relevant to what you’re searching for. The new feature uses machine learning to analyze each video and determine the most appropriate six seconds to show as a preview. While this helps give the viewer an understanding of what the video is about, the previews always remain the same despite the viewer’s search. Limitations aside, this is a great new feature to have for mobile searches.

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