AdTech Weekly Round Up

A look at how last week’s news affects mobile publishers…

Google launched its new personalized Feed worldwide
The term “Google it” didn’t happen out of sheer coincidence. Google has worked its way up to being the top search provider in the world by delivering millions of results within seconds. Now, the company is trying to streamline and personalize the results shown to viewers. The new Feed shows users on mobile devices pertinent stories based on their past behaviors. It allows users to further customize their search results by removing irrelevant content and “following” new subjects. The service was just released worldwide on the Google app for Android devices. Google is working to expand the Feed to iOS devices, Google’s homepage, and the mobile web.

Facebook wants to save its Stories feature with the help of Instagram
Facebook is constantly looking for new advertising opportunities, and Instagram is its next target. The company is testing a new strategy for its “Stories” feature, which launched on the Facebook platform several months ago without much success. Instagram, on the other hand, launched its Stories feature a year ago and has had a huge number of users engaging with it daily. To bridge the gap, Instagram users will be able to post their stories directly to Facebook. This will, hopefully, boost daily usage on Facebook as well as create another possible advertising revenue stream for the company.

Adobe Advertising customers can now tap the power of Spotify
Spotify’s popularity and streaming abilities makes it a prime channel for advertisers. After implementing a successful closed beta, Adobe Advertising Cloud has decided to add the music streaming service as a top inventory source for digital advertisers. Marketers can choose from Spotify’s digital audio, display and video formats, and tap the potential to reach the service’s 140 million listeners in 60 markets. Adobe Advertising Cloud customers can leverage Spotify’s user data to create targeted campaigns based on demographics and music preferences.

LinkedIn’s new Audience Network will expand beyond the platform itself
LinkedIn has traditionally offered limited advertising options for users and businesses, but with 500 million users, it’s long had the potential to offer advertisers a wide audience and a multitude of options for targeting. Now the new LinkedIn Audience Network was released last week, and it has a lot of people excited about the advertising possibilities. Advertisers can use LinkedIn’s user data and combine that with buying inventory on mobile websites and apps separate from the social networking site. Early users of the new feature claim to have seen up to 13 percent more unique impressions and 80 percent more clicks. This is a big move for LinkedIn, and great news for advertisers.

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