AdTech Weekly Round Up

A look at how last week’s news affects mobile publishers…

Publishers can expect even more from Google AMP after this next update
Everyone in the adtech world is putting mobile first, and if they are not – they should be. Google is preparing an update for its Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, or AMP. The need for hasty download speeds on mobile devices is clear in a world where people are essentially one with their smartphones. While Google’s AMP is performing well when compared to other fast-loading formats, there are still several challenges facing publishers. The update is expected to help alleviate some of those challenges by providing better metrics for videos and ecommerce, new templates to help with the design of mobile sites, and smoother incorporation of ads in the AMP format.

The IAB tries to keep up with new technology issuing updated standards for the ad industry
Last week the Interactive Advertising Bureau released new standards for mobile and web advertisers. Fixed sizes for ad units have been replaced by specific unit measurements in order to adapt to the cross-screen adjustments. Standards revolving around AR, VR, social media, and emojis have also been outlined as the IAB attempts to keep up with rapidly evolving advertising technologies. While these standards are great for holding the advertising industry accountable, they are not binding and serve more as a helpful reminder. The general manager of the IAB Tech Lab said the standards will be updated much more frequently than in the past in order to stay relevant.

Facebook’s newest acquisition shows promise for content creators using the platform
Facebook is making an effort to help creators monetize and protect their content with its newest acquisition of the startup company Source3. The startup, which specializes in recognizing and analyzing branded content, will help Facebook track authorized uploads. The platform can then take the fake content down or take back the revenue share. Content creation and sharing is the lifeblood of the social media platform, and recognizing the need to both regulate and fairly compensate content creators is a step in the right direction.

Amazon is prepping to take on the online advertising industry
Amazon wants to dive into the online advertising business, and try to swim with Google and Facebook. The company has been hiring talent in the software engineering sector to prepare for the ongoing development and promotion of their new Amazon Advertising Platform or AAP. The media service will offer advertising space to marketers that will reach the millions of daily Amazon customers as well as provide them with access to huge amounts of data. The company is already proving to be a formidable competitor to advertising giant, Google. A 2017 study of advertisers revealed that Amazon’s DSP has surpassed Google’s in popularity. Labeled a “the sleeping giant”, Amazon is expected to gain up to one billion dollars in advertising revenue this year alone.

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