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Bloomberg Is Expanding TicToc Social News Network Beyond Twitter, After Hitting Year-One Goals
Bloomberg says TicTocts, its one-year-old TicToc news brand, has hit critical mass. Within the first 12 months, TicToc, which delivers bite-size chunks of news and analysis to a millennial-skewing mobile crowd, has topped 500,000 followers (currently, it has 516,000). Today it has around 2.2 million average daily views and 1.5 million average daily viewers on Twitter, according to Bloomberg.

TicToc is positioned as a general news source, covering topics including global news, business, technology, sports, culture and entertainment. All of TicToc’s videos are designed to maximize the screen space through data, text, images and video, packing in “nutrient rich” information on the day’s top stories.

The company is keeping TicToc on Twitter under its multiyear deal with the social network, but also has ramped up its output to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other digital platforms. “We’re expanding our wings,” said Scott Havens, Bloomberg Media’s global head of digital Havens. “There are other platforms and distribution methods to get the content out there.”

Will 2019 be a momentous year for mobile marketing?
Consumers are captivated by their smartphones, with the average US adult expected to spend more than three and a half hours a day on mobile devices this year. So it’s little wonder brands are ramping up smartphone spend, with mobile – which already accounts for almost 70% of digital advertising – expected to account for almost 50% of total US ad dollars by 2022. With this escalation in mind, 2019 is likely to be a significant year in the mobile marketing sector. This article articulates a handful of the developments we can expect over the coming months.

6 Social Media Trends to Keep Your Eye on Heading into the New Year
Approximately 2.77 billion. That’s the estimated number of people that will be using social media by 2019.

We’ve come a long way from the days of Myspace in the early 2000s and from when there were less than a billion social media users in 2010. Social media continues to change and evolve, and social networks today aren’t just where you hang out to chat with friends. Today, social media can make or break a business, and it is important to pay careful attention to social media trends as they are evolving and look for ways to key into them.

This article provides an opinion on the six social media trends you should watch out for in 2019.

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