AdTech Weekly Roundup

A look at how last week’s news affects mobile publishers…

Unilever Calls for Brands to Join Pioneering Cross-Media Measurement Initiative
Unilever has called on brands, platforms and publishers to join efforts to create a measurement system that would allow advertisers to measure campaign audience, audience reaction, campaign impact and sustained impact over the short, medium and long term across digital, TV and social media.

The FMCG giant said it had already made “significant steps” towards building a model that offered “real transparency of media performance, assessing unduplicated reach and impact across publishers, platforms and screens in a privacy-safe way”.

The system as it stands only covers TV, digital and social media, but Unilever said it was looking at incorporating other media. Unilever has engaged the World Federation of Advertisers and other industry bodies to invite brands, platforms and publishers to get involved. The project will combine existing measurement tools and is intended to result in a system that can operate across multiple markets and “puts consumer experience at the forefront of the advertising ecosystem in an innovative way”.

Reddit to Provide Cost-Per-Click Ads on Platform, Receiving Mixed Reviews from Agencies
Reddit is making what it calls its first foray into performance-driven ad bidding with its official debut of cost-per-click ads on its platform on Wednesday. However, this isn’t a new endeavor for most companies.

CPC bidding has been in beta testing the past few months with over 50 advertisers, including Wayfair, Hired and Kabam. Reddit said participating brands are seeing CPCs slashed by as much as 50 percent compared with CPM (cost per thousand impressions) bidding on its platform. Brands that were in the test group confirmed Reddit’s numbers.

The news aggregation and discussion site has supported ads since 2007. It moved to its own ad server with ads stack built on its own technology last March. Gladden said Reddit’s ad setup process was easy, but Heather Green, senior vice president of social strategy and content at Zenith, feels that its ad interface is more cumbersome to use than those of other platforms and “not user-friendly on the enterprise level.” Green said of advertising on Reddit in general that “it should be the best idea ever because you have this very distinct platform and community with lots of targeting capabilities: this very popular website with subgroups that you can put ads in front of. The targeting is already done for you.”

Report: YouTube’s Ad Revenue Climbed in 2018 as It Retained Most of Its Advertisers
The three steps YouTube took at the beginning of 2018 to try to bolster brand safety on its platform appear to have been effective, occasional blip aside, as a new report found that the Google-owned video site’s ad revenue rose 11 percent in the third quarter of 2018 compared with the year-ago period, and the majority of its advertisers stuck around.

Advertising-intelligence and sales-enablement platform MediaRadar analyzed a sample of 25 top channels on YouTube via Google Preferred, visiting each channel three times daily and using its technology to examine pre-roll video ads, display ads and in-player banner ads. In addition to the revenue gain, MediaRadar saw an advertiser renewal rate of 51 percent. MediaRadar could not, however, give a total ad revenue number.

Spotify Plans Enhanced Targeting For Advertisers
Spotify is aiming to significantly expand its advertising business, leaning on its Spotify Ad Studio unit to build out its offerings.

Spotify Ad Studio launched in Sept. 2017 as a self-serve ad platform, designed to turbocharge the company’s free, ad-supported tier of service in English-speaking countries. The company now says it has “thousands of advertisers of all sizes,” laying out a few ways in which it hopes to further build out that ad business.

At the center of its advertising expansion is enhanced targeting. The company says it will be rolling out an expanded suite of targeting tools for both demographic targeting and interest-based targeting in the coming months. The company also says it will be trialing an “audience upload” feature. It will work with a handful of select advertisers to test the solution, which will let advertisers upload their own audience data to reach known and prospective customers.

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