AdTech Weekly Roundup

A look at how last week’s news affects mobile publishers…

Is Adtech Moving Outdoors?
Adtech is predicted to continue surging above 10% annual growth all the way through 2022 and Amazon’s advertising department is forecasted to bring in $4.6B is 2019, all testifying to the growth of adtech that is taking place. With this rise in adtech, advertisers are looking for more places to advertise – aside from the online marketplace. The alternative that is being considered is digital outdoor advertising that has taken in $34.8 B in 2018. HYGH, a Berlin-based advertising startup, has a service that connects owners of public displays with advertisers. The platform turns any digital display with internet connection into an advertising space, which makes it available to any advertiser around the world. According to CVO Antonius Link, “we’re empowering public screen owners to earn passive income and SMEs to participate in a marketplace for the first time.”

Taptica To Acquire Ad Tech Roll-Up RhythmOne For $176M
On Monday, Taptica announced that they will acquire RhythmOne for $176M in an all-stock deal. Included in the deal, the mobile ad tech firm will gain assets from RhythmOne’s previous acquisitions of YuMe, Burst Media, and parts of RadiumOne. The purpose of the acquisition is a bid for connected television budgets – the company also bought Tremor’s buy-side business for $50M. “CTV is where the market is going, and we see a chance to create a major independent player in this field,” said Ofer Druker, executive chairman of Tremor Video DSP. Druker will be appointed as CEO of the merged company when the deal is finalized.

Ad Tech Startup TribeOS Launches FIRE
Ad Tech startup tribeOS just announced that they launched FIRE that is described as a “Security Token Offering” approved by Bermuda officials. The company site stated: “tribeOS, a digital advertising marketplace that uses distributed ledger technology to provide a new level of transparency with online ad fraud, has launched FIRE, a Security Token Offering approved by the Bermuda Minister of Finance under new digital asset laws.” CEO Matt Gallant added, “Bermuda’s approval of the FIRE Security Token Offering is yet another signal of our rapid trajectory of innovating new solutions for investors, advertisers and publishers. And we’re just getting started.’ The company added, “As one of the world’s most respected and reputed centres of international finance and asset regulation, Bermuda provides the highest level of transparency, compliance, cooperation and exchange of information.”

What Marketers Can Learn From the Fyre Festival Fiasco
Eight famous models and 400 social media influencers where involved in the publicity of the Fyre Festival that turned into a fiasco for all involved. As a result, a debate has started regarding the merit of influencer marketing. From a marketing side – the marketing engine behind the Fyre Festival was very successful, encouraging $5000 people to buy $4000 tickets to attend an event that was supposed to be an incredible VIP experience that actually was a nightmare that forced people to sleep in half-built tents and eat cheese sandwiches – not quite the vision that was promised! The influencer marketing program delivered fantastic results but also teaches millennial businesspeople that vision and marketing need to align with the other aspects of the business so that you deliver what you promise.

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