AdTech Weekly Roundup

A look at how last week’s news affects mobile publishers…

It’s Time for Brands to Invest More in Mobile Advertising
AdWeek explores why brand advertisers should be thinking about how to do more in mobile. It says market forces are aligning in favor of more brand advertising in mobile and discusses what agencies and advertisers should be doing to help shape the mobile advertising ecosystem of the future. Why?

The eyeballs are already there on mobile—specifically mobile video and global trends point toward a continued increase in mobile spend. While the audience numbers support more brand advertising in mobile, the space continues to be dominated by performance (app-download) dollars rather than brand advertising dollars. But there are new changes afoot in 2018 that promise to breathe new life into brand advertising in mobile.

Reddit Introduces Native Promoted Post Ads in its Mobile Apps
Reddit this week announced the launch of native promoted posts for its mobile apps. The company said alerted advertisers that its apps are the most popular way its 330 million monthly active users access Reddit content on mobile, and now accounts for 41 percent of time spent on Reddit across all platforms. The company also reports logged-in app users also spend 30 percent more time per day than users who log in from desktop, and 80 percent of app users don’t access Reddit on desktop. These behaviors point to the reason Reddit is giving advertisers a way to reach its app users with native in-feed ads.

Google Play Reveals a Slew of New Mobile Game Advertising Features
Google Play has revealed a host of new advertising features through its AdWords and AdMob services aimed at giving developers new marketing options to reach users. Included will be video ads on the Google Play store. These are placed on the store page along with game download suggestions and can be used by developers running Universal App Campaigns. Google is also trying to make it easier for publishers to reach targeted audiences. To that end, it’s introduced new features for UAC that let developers share user data with Google, which will then find players like those already playing your game. It will be called “Similar Audiences” and it will begin its beta in May 2018.

The New Publishing Economy: How Platforms will Shape the Industry in 2018
News organizations are still figuring out how to adapt to the digital age. However, new tools and platforms have emerged that may offer a lifeline. Better yet, these tools aren’t just providing a short-term fix; they’re enabling entirely new business models, things like online subscriptions and marketplaces, which are changing the way we create and consume content online. Publishers should take note of an increased willingness among consumers to pay for digital news subscriptions. Deloitte predicts that by the end of the year, 50% of adults in developed countries will have at least two online-only media subscriptions, and by the end of 2020 that number will double to four.

Triopoly Time? Amazon Preps New Attribution Tool and Courts Ad Buyers
Digiday is reporting Amazon’s focus on advertising is picking up steam. In the last few months, agency media buyers say they now hear from the company at least twice as often as they did last year. And more agencies say Amazon is now creating teams to service specific brands — a common tactic for ad platforms as they mature. Other developments: Amazon is running a series of attribution tests to see how its advertising stacks up against the Facebook-Google duopoly; Amazon is testing an application programming interface for Amazon Advertising Platform with a small group of agencies that will let marketers manage more of their programmatic campaigns on their own, enabling Amazon advertising to scale; and Amazon has significantly grown its agency development group into hundreds of staffers, in a move modeled off the growth of Google and Facebook as advertising behemoths. The moves all indicate that Amazon is taking its ad business as a serious growth engine.

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