Our Mobile Experience: A Brief Introduction

Celebrating three years since our launch Marfeel has built a distinct mobile solution used extensively by major publications and professional blogs around the world. This brief introduction will anticipate your questions and show you why Marfeel is essential for engaging readers and raising revenue.

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How the Biggest Names in Media & Publishing are Handling the Transition to Mobile

Spoiler Alert: Mobile is MASSIVE! In fact, it’s more than massive; it’s everything. Since the introduction of the modern smartphone in 2007, companies large and small have been preparing for the global transition when mobile traffic overtakes desktop traffic.

After researching some of the world’s largest publishers and their plans for harnessing the digital frontier, developing a Unique Mobile Strategy and focusing on Audience Engagement seems to be the industry standard for creating a sustainable revenue stream and competitive advantage.

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What Publishers Can Learn From The New York Times Leaked Innovation Report

Like a scene from Jerry Maguire (a feel-good Tom Cruise movie from the 90’s for all the youngins), an internal “recommendation” report on digital innovation at the New York Times was recently leaked to the press. The inwardly critical and candid report of the iconic newspaper has been met with both praise and rebuke as the Times continues to confront digital challenges, increasing competition and the need of a clear vision for its future.

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