Time to first CPU idle

5 ways you can speed up First CPU Idle

Load is not a single moment in time — it’s an experience that no one metric can fully capture. Shubhie Panicker, Google Engineer  Anyone familiar with optimizing their Lighthouse score will appreciate the multi-stage journey that begins whenever a new page is clicked. But, if there is one moment in the…

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Lighthouse test V6

Google Lighthouse Test V6 – Everything you need to know

You can say that a good online experience is subjective. Google’s lighthouse test wouldn’t. The Google Lighthouse test measures five key areas of a website’s performance and determines a score. And, like anything set by Google, this performance test is being constantly refined and updated. Improving the quality of your…

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Chrome 68: A Big Reason to Switch HTTPS

Chrome 68’s release in July 2018 gives publishers a major push to switch to HTTPS. On its Security Blog, Google recently announced that all HTTP sites will be marked as “not secure”. It’s the latest in a large chain of steps that Google has taken to drive HTTPS adoption across the web. Here’s what the…

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Facebook News Affecting Publishers | September

Facebook makes regular updates that impact publishers in many ways. To keep you ahead of the game, this post reviews the top Facebook news affecting publishers in September. Facebook Tests Putting Instagram Stories on Facebook – September 7 In an effort to breath life into its Stories platform, Facebook is…

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