Facebook News Affecting Publishers | August

Facebook makes regular updates that affect publishers in many ways. To keep you ahead of the game, this post will review the top Facebook news affecting publishers in August.

Faster Webpages Given Preferential Treatment – August 2

In response to user feedback that says slow loading times damage user experience, Facebook have adjusted their News Feed to give preferential treatment to “faster loading webpages”. Naturally, Instant Articles and Accelerated Mobile Pages stand to benefit.

What this could mean for publishers
Publishers already using the Instant Articles and AMP platforms may see their a slight boost in traffic via Facebook due to this change.

Advertisers Won’t Pay For Accidental Clicks – August 8

When a user accidentally clicks on an ad, it can mean spending for advertisers with no reward. Facebook changed the system: when a user clicks an ad and bounces back in two seconds or less, advertisers are not charged for those clicks. The clicks are also excluded from metrics that are offered to advertisers and publishers.

What this could mean for publishers
While many publishers worry that this could have impacts on the revenue that they receive from Facebook, Brett Vogel – Facebook’s Product Marketing Manager – said that “the vast majority” of publishers will be unaffected.

“Trending Topics” Redesigned – August 14

Facebook’s “Trending Topics” was redesigned as “Trending News” on mobile devices. This means that instead of seeing articles on a particular topic, such as “Poland” or “Technology”, users will now see specific news stories. This makes it easier for users to keep up with news, and see which publications are covering stories.

What this could mean for publishers
Publishers should benefit from improved visibility on the platform, and those publishers that cover current events will potentially see more chances to appear in the top spots in “Trending News”.

Publisher Logos Included On IA Articles – August 22

Facebook are continuing the fight against Fake News by adding the logos of publishers alongside articles published on the platform. This will help readers to know where the content is coming from and whether it is from a reliable source. This new tool was developed by the Facebook Journalism Project.

What this could mean for publishers
This move to fight against Fake News will mean that publishers receive extra credit for their work, helping them to build their brands on Facebook and receive the credit that they deserve.

Tests for IA Subscription Tools Began – August 23

In a Facebook post, Zuckerberg confirmed that subscription paywalls are to be added to Instant Articles. This feature is a big step in improving relations with publishers. Publishers were unhappy with the revenue from Instant Articles, so this service will offer better profits.

What this could mean for publishers
This should be on every publisher’s radar, as it may open up new revenue streams if executed properly.

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