Facebook News Affecting Publishers | June

Facebook makes regular updates that affect publishers in many ways. To keep you ahead of the game, this post will review the top Facebook news affecting publishers in June.

New Subscription Tools for Publishers – June 12

The Wall Street Journal announced Facebook were working on a feature to appease publishers: subscriptions via Facebook’s mobile app. Features are being confirmed, but many hope this will offer an alternative to the poor ad revenue offered by Instant Articles.

What this could mean for publishers
For publishers that are unhappy with the monetization options offered by Instant Articles, this initiative is an attempt to change their mind. Publishers have been requesting this feature for a long time

Household Audience Targeting – June 27

Facebook is chasing more TV money by revealing “household targeting”. TV was one of the only ways to share ads with households, but Facebook is allowing advertisers to target family members simultaneously. Family members are identified through relationships on Facebook, share check-ins and location data.

What this could mean for publishers
This initiative is attractive for advertisers, and could see more advertising revenue flow to the Facebook platform, and therefore into the pockets of publishers.

New Interaction Metrics – June 29

New interaction metrics were announced that would help marketers and page owners both get deeper insights into the way that users interact with their ads and pages. For pages, publishers can now see additional insights into followers, previews, and recommendations to improve the performance of their pages.

What this could mean for publishers
Facebook are attempting to boost transparency on their platform and this is part of that effort, empowering publishers with Facebook pages to track their audiences more closely.

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