Facebook News Affecting Publishers | July

Facebook makes regular updates that affect publishers in many ways. To keep you ahead of the game, this post will review the top Facebook news affecting publishers in July.

News Feed Updated to Reduce Spam – July 1

Algorithm changes to the News Feed took effect and worked to begin eliminating low quality links from the News Feed. The influence of spammers was reduced and this was also seen as an important step in securing a pleasant user experience on the platform.

What this could mean for publishers
Publishers that rely on poor quality content and clickbait to generate their traffic on Facebook should face difficult times ahead. Publishers that produce quality content should see their route to the top of their audience’s newsfeed clearer, too.

Messenger Adverts Went Global – July 16

After trial runs in Asia, Facebook expanded the beta to display ads within Messenger globally. With 1.2 billion users around the world and a News Feed , injecting ads into Messenger was the next logical step for Facebook.

What this could mean for publishers
Publishers that use Facebook for content disemmenation could see user attitudes toward the platform shift. Publishers should monitor whether this development has an effect on the way that their audiences engage with the Messenger and Facebook platforms.

Facebook Acquires Source3 – July 24

Source3 “recognizes, organizes and analyzes branded intellectual property in user-generated content”. Facebook acquired Source3 to help content creators monetize their content without falling victim to piracy, which is currently common on Facebook. It is predicted the Source3 tech will be part of Facebook’s RIght Manager software.

What this could mean for publishers
This acquisition should be great news for publishers. It demonstrates that Facebook is serious about protecting content and intellectual property on their platform, and is a move in the right direction to reduce the theft of content.

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