Facebook News Affecting Publishers | September

Facebook makes regular updates that impact publishers in many ways. To keep you ahead of the game, this post reviews the top Facebook news affecting publishers in September.

Facebook Tests Putting Instagram Stories on Facebook – September 7

In an effort to breath life into its Stories platform, Facebook is considering giving users the option to share their Instagram stories on both platforms. Businesses are not able to use Stories on Facebook, but perhaps as the platform evolves and develops it will become a viable competitor to Snapchat and Google’s “STAMP”.

What this could mean for publishers
Publishers that already use – or are considering beginning to use – the “story” format should keep a close eye on both Facebook and Google’s entry into this space.

Facebook Will Stop Displaying Instant Articles within Messenger – September 12

In its most recent development, Facebook have decided to stop displaying Instant Articles within Messenger. In his piece for Marketing Land, Tim Peterson suggests that the statement from Facebook “indicated that Messenger is looking for publishers to present news in a way that’s more specific to the messaging service”.

What this could mean for publishers
This change could lead to a reduction in traffic for publishers’ Instant Articles, and those using FIA should monitor if this change has any impact on their performance.

Accessing Monetization Features – September 13

Facebook seems to have learned from the brand safety issues that plagued other platforms in the past, and revealed its “Monetization Eligibility Standards” in an effort to circumvent those same issues. This development comes at a time when Facebook are planning to place a stronger emphasis on in-stream video advertising. This piece from Jack Marshall of the WSJ offers some insight into the new development.

What this could mean for publishers
For publishers that create video and are weighing the opportunities that Facebook offers, this should be welcome news. An environment that is safe for brands is great for avoiding high-profile issues such as those that plagued YouTube.

Facebook Bars Advertisers from Altering News Headlines – September 14

In another attempt to fight the spread of Fake News, Facebook has barred advertisers from altering news headlines after articles are published. This move came after pressure from the Wall Street Journal, which identified that practice taking place in multiple instances on the Facebook platform.

What this could mean for publishers
Again, the incremental tweaks and updates that Facebook to deter Fake News is welcomed by most publishers on its platform.

Introducing More Ways to Drive Offline Outcomes – September 21

Facebook is offering advertisers new ways to leverage access to the offline data of their audience to improve the relevance of their ads. Now, advertisers will be able to access a suite of information and choose to target ads based upon the real-world movements, habits and preferences of their target audiences.

What this could mean for publishers
When advertising is more relevant and targeted, CTR can improve. Publishers should monitor their Instant Article and track any changes as a consequence of this development.

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