Lessons in maximizing Google AMP from the IAB publisher breakfast.

On January 18th, Marfeel joined the IAB publisher breakfast in Madrid. The focus of the event was to discover how publishers can maximize their Google AMP pages. So, if you weren’t able to make it, we have collected the key points from each talk to help you increase your returns from using Google AMP.

The speakers at the event were:

  • Marc Trujillo – Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager, Marfeel
  • Luis Collado – Global Product Partnerships Manager, News & Publishing, Google
  • Borja Fadón – Director of Communication, ESdiario El Semanal Digital S.L.

One of the initial, unmistakable impressions of the event was the level of interest and engagement in the room. Publishers from all over Spain joined us to share and learn ways to push the reader experience forward and discover ways they can offer more using Google AMP.

The first topic covered was from Marfeel, where we discussed the journey from traffic acquired through Google AMP. We described how to recirculate AMP traffic to a PWA using UI/UX strategies and techniques that drive recirculation—whilst maintaining the quality of user experience readers expect from Google AMP.

IAB Publisher breakfast

Our speaker, Marc Trujillo reflected,

‘It’s rewarding to see editors and companies like Google so invested in mobile user experience, loading times, user journey, and revenue. This is exactly what we solve at Marfeel.’

Next, we heard from Google themselves.

Luis Collado, Global Product Partnerships Manager for News & Publishing, explained the vision Google has for the AMP pages, and the need to ensure the user journey is not interrupted at any stage.

‘This involves being able to go from an AMP article to an ad impression, to AMP landing page in order to increase the conversion rate.’

AMP is a significant channel to acquire new traffic, with some websites already reporting that 40% of their traffic comes from AMP pages. Luis insisted on the importance of everything being AMP, from the article page to the landing page after clicking the ad. This transition has a major effect on the conversion rate of the ad.

Finally, renowned publishers, EsDiario shared their experience of using Marfeel-produced Google AMP.

They increased their key metrics and revenue by 3 times after activating Marfeel AMP pages and described how much they were looking forward to using Marfeel and Google AMP to improve their traffic conversion statistics.

If there was one key takeaway from the event, it was this: If you don’t yet use Google AMP, you should start in 2019, or you will miss out on lots of potential website visitors.

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