April 5, 2019 | by Jon Fletcher

Why choose a Google Certified Publishing Partner?

To help publishers confidently choose the companies to partner with , Google started a project to review and certify the highest-quality solution providers for digital publishers. This is the Google Certified Publishing Partner program.

The program helps publishers pick the most effective solutions and identify new areas where partners can help them generate higher revenue.

But, recommendation and certification programs are nothing new. Publishers would be right to ask what makes this partner program so reliable, beyond just the name ‘Google’.

So, why choose a Google Certified Publishing Partner?

The Google Certified system means publishers don’t have to rely on trust. It is a systematic process to identify the most effective solutions for recognized publisher pain points, created in conjunction with Google’s publishing and advertising networks.

This helps publishers select the partners that will contribute to their business and allows them to focus on their core job of creating content. The only way to be recognized as a Certified Partner is to meet their stringent criteria. These are standardized across every applicant, unbiased, and objective.

This means publishers can choose partners with a new level of confidence, grow their business through their partner network, and build on technology that will develop rather than become obsolete in the coming years.

Here are 4 other reasons why partnering with Google Certified partners is the best option for publishers:

1. Collaborate with the best-in-class

Publishers can be sure that the Google certified partners they are integrating with have been through strenuous due diligence. Certified partners have to pass the demanding Google product certification exams and demonstrate a proven track record of successful results for publishers.

They examine companies’ internal operations, ad setup, client satisfaction record, and development, testing, and implementation processes. Even the engineers are thoroughly tested for competence. Only thoroughly tested and demonstrably advantageous platforms will even be considered.

2. Let dedicated experts work on undervalued areas

Publishers now have to be just as responsible for the quality of their medium as their content. Yet few teams are able to compete on every digital battlefront. This means publishers leave revenue behind because they are just not able to apply the same level of focus to every area as other companies.

The certified partner program gives publishers the confidence to devolve responsibility to expert partners that you can trust, that demonstrate provable increases in revenue in areas such as programmatic advertising.

Let dedicated expert partners, that know the technologies to maximize your revenue potential take control and focus on what really matters: creating quality content.

3. Your team expertise grows as you develop

Using Google best practices, partners are adept at maximizing performance and earnings with AdSense, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and DoubleClick for Publishers. By integrating with Certified Partners, your team will develop their knowledge in these tools and work to the highest standards possible.

Your team will only apply sustainable best practices and will update their processes in line with product updates.

4. Become future-proof with Google

The Google infrastructure is connected to almost every elment of digital publishing. By integrating with certified partners, you indemnify yourself against a change or update causing a major disruption to your business model. By bringing in recommended partners to their ecosystem, they remove single points of failure.

Google partnerships

Stefan Schick, Head of Global Channel Partnerships at Google joined us for a recent event we held. He explained why Google are so invested in this program.

‘Almost everything we enjoy every day online is wholly or partly funded by advertising. The open largely free web is something that depends on advertising today and will for the foreseeable future.’

It’s the goal of the Google Certified Publishing Partner program to keep

‘Creating innovative solutions that keep the ecosystem healthy and strong.’

As advertising and the revenue generated is so crucial to the online ecosystem, Google is investing in its sustainability and giving publishers the opportunity to make sure they are part of this ecosystem.

What this means for publishers is the confidence to make their ad inventory work harder for them through solutions that are comprehensively recognized by an industry leader such as Google.

This confidence to outsource means publishers can focus on what drives them – creating compelling content that resonates with their reader.

Partnering with Marfeel

Being selected by Google to join this elite and exclusive group of companies is a testament to Marfeel’s quality and imagination. If you’re looking to benefit from all of the advantages above, and learn all about the benefits of Marfeel as a mobile publishing platform, then get in contact with our team to find out more.