Google News Affecting Publishers | August

Google makes regular updates that affect publishers in many ways. To keep you ahead of the game, this post will review the top Google news affecting publishers in August.

New Tools To Attract YouTube Publishers – August 1

AdAge reported that Alphabet will begin offering a suite of new tools and analytics to attract publishers looking to consolidate their video strategy. The tools will give publishers the ability to decide which ads are served on their videos, with powerful analytics and a player included at no cost.

What this could mean for publishers
This should be great news for publishers looking to make the move to YouTube while ensuring that they do not have to worry about brand safety concerns that plagued the platform in the past.

New AMP-Based Visual Format, “STAMP” – August 4

The Wall Street Journal reported that Alphabet is creating STAMP, a response to Snapchat’s Discover feed. It will use AMP for mobile webpages. Stories will appear in Google search results, which is great for publishers looking to grow their audience, ad viewability, and engagement.

What this could mean for publishers
Publishers that want to keep up with the latest publishing trends should be excited about the upcoming platform and monitoring its development closely. The STAMP platform could help publishers to find and appeal to new potential audiences.

Additional Ad Filters on YouTube – August 13

Advertisers are still concerned about brand safety on YouTube. The Times reported that to help, Google will offer more control through new ad filters such as violence, nudity, and political satire. These filters will give advertisers more control to block certain ads. This solution will help advertisers while Google’s AI grows and improves.

What this could mean for publishers
Brand safety concerns had big impacts on publishers using YouTube to earn ad revenue. These new tools may inspire more advertisers to come back to the platform, spelling good news for those publishers that were affected.

New Subscription Tools Via AMP Pages – August 18

To make peace with publishers, Google is testing subscription tools via AMP. A suite of subscription tools are being tested that will allow publishers to get subscriptions through AMP Pages. The tools are being tested with a few media outlets, and show that Google are trying to improve their relationships with publishers.

What this could mean for publishers
Many publishers have long been dissatisfied with the revenue options offered to them by the AMP platform, so this should be a big step in making the platform more attractive for those publishers. Additional readers and boosted revenues might follow.

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