Google News Affecting Publishers | July

Google makes regular updates that affect publishers in many ways. To keep you ahead of the game, this post will review the top Google news affecting publishers in July.

AdSense Native Ads Announced – July 5

Google took an important step and entered the native ad market, starting to compete directly with native ad providers like Taboola and Outbrain. The fact that Google launched three native AdSense ad formats is seen as a positive sign for native advertising.

What this could mean for publishers
Native ads can offer great results for publishers and advertisers, and this step shows that Google are attempting to support publishers’ efforts to offer native advertising. The three ad options should give publishers the chance to find the format that works for them.

AMP Q2 Update – July 14

Google announced an update to the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project, giving publishers that use AMP Pages new features. Specifically, the update offered better metrics for videos and ecommerce, new design templates, and the smoother incorporation of ads in the AMP format.

What this could mean for publishers
For publishers that are using AMP pages, this suite of extra features should be a welcome addition that can help to boost those pages. The changes might also ease concerns about the platform and inspire others to create AMP pages.

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