Google News Affecting Publishers | June

Google makes regular updates that affect publishers in many ways. To keep you ahead of the game, this post will review the top Google news affecting publishers in June.

Confirmation of Chrome Ad-Filter – June 1

Google confirmed that Chrome will include an ad-filter from January 2018. This shocked some because Google thrives on ads, but Google clearly believes that benefits from UX improvements will be worth it.

What this could mean for publishers
Publishers need to ensure that the ads running on their websites are appropriate and fit with the standards determined by the Coalition for Better Ads. Publishers that fail to do so will see drops in their earnings and within Google’s search engine results pages.

Google News Redesign – June 27

Google redesigned “Google News”. The platform is now much cleaner, accessible, and easier to navigate for users, and places a focus on “facts, diverse perspectives, and more control for users.”

What this could mean for publishers
Publishers that break news could perhaps see slights boosts in traffic. The new design places more of an emphasis on publisher names, too, which might not have noticable performance impacts but could help brand recall.

Mobile VR Ad Experiments – June 28

A post on the Google Developers Blog shared details of experiments with VR Ad formats. You can see samples of what VR ads may look like, and a list of the key principles that guide the development of VR ads.

What this could mean for publishers
With VR and video content on the rise, new ad formats should be on every publishers radar. Tracking the new tech through its early stages of development is essential to keeping ahead.

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