September 13, 2016 | Mobile Advertising | by Alexian Chiavegato

It’s Time To Take Advantage Of HTTP/2

Amazon Web Services announced that Amazon CloudFront now supports HTTP/2 protocol. Marfeel is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring our clients the best possible mobile publishing experience via HTTP/2. This new protocol allows us to provide improved performance, reliability, and global reach of our services. We are able to do this by using Amazon CloudFront, a Content Delivery Network Service, which offers the support of multiplexing and header compression to drastically improve information exchange times.

Doing this has allowed Marfeel to give its customers increased optimization and better page rendering time. In fact, adopting Amazon CloudFront and its new HTTP/2 feature has allowed Marfeel to improve the first render time by 17 percent. Marfeel publisher sites now load consistently at under 0.8 seconds which is a massive step forward for mobile web speed and more importantly for mobile readers.

Optimization and load times are key to mobile publishers. The faster readers are able to view content, the more likely they are to view other pages. And when the pages look clean and are easy to read it keeps the user engaged. Having good-looking, fast-moving sites is the goal of what we do at Marfeel.

This is where mobile is going. We believe that faster Internet service is the key to an engaging experience for mobile users, and it’s vital for us to enhance our own groundbreaking mobile technology with support for innovative service like Amazon CloudFront. Using Amazon Web Services is part of our overall business strategy.

This has made things easier on the publisher as well. Publisher application developments and delivery strategies have been simplified by eliminating application logic that is now managed at the network level.

The last update to HTTP was almost two decades ago. HTTP 1.1 preceded the iPhone by 10 years. Now we are seeing a significant update that is made with mobile in mind. The new protocol modernizes the Internet in the mobile era.

This landmark achievement in Internet technology is another part of our continual leadership in the drive to bring faster Internet service to mobile users. Using Amazon Web Services to provide HTTP/2 to our users adds to our list of achievements that includes being named Google Certified Publishing Partner and providing immediate support for Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP. We work every day to improve speed and optimization for mobile publishers, and this is another important step in that journey.