Higher speeds and new monetization strategies at Les Rencontres Éditeurs.

Digital publishing is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. If you’re not creating, building, or searching out the latest innovations, you risk getting left behind.

That’s why, here at Marfeel, we’re committed to being part of the conversation between publishers, creators, and platforms. We attend every major conference and event and report back the news and trends for our network.

On January 30-31st, 2019 we were delighted to travel to Amsterdam, for Les Rencontres éditeurs, joining the biggest publishers in France.

This was an event to discover the newest innovations and trends in digital publishing via live Q&A and networking sessions with major media editors.

There was also a series of talks from publishers about how they manage to overcome the inherent difficulties in their markets.

Marc Trujillo – Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager, was speaking from Marfeel, on the subject of optimizing mobile pages for increased engagement and strategies to increase advertising revenue.

He’s also distilled the major talking points from the event and the takeaways that digital publishers need to know.

Les Rencontres éditeurs.

Talking points:

The main topic between publishers was Google AMP is growing fast, but publishers are concerned about the limited options for monetization offered by the platform.

In fact, the topic of monetization is was a recurring priority for every publisher, from every source. Publishers are experimenting with new ways to generate revenue from their websites, AMP pages, as well as methods to recirculate their visits from AMP onto their website, or PWA. The majority of publishers were directly looking for alternative ways to optimize and monetize traffic from mobile visits.

One of the core strategies people were speaking to us about was how they could leverage Marfeel to improve the loading times of their content. Speed is so deeply ingrained into the success of content that it directly affects all the other key performance metrics for publishers. Reducing page load speed and implementing features such as loading content ‘above the fold’ were priorities.

We recently published 16 statistics that show the value of speed has on publishers’ bottom lines, which you can read here.

The final discussion concerned the value of push notifications. Publishers needed to know the metrics in order to measure the true worth of their strategies and the net effect that push notifications have on their readers.

Les Rencontres éditeurs demonstrated that publishers are adapting to the next generation of publishing platforms and user expectations when it comes to online content. Each publisher is finding that integrating their strategies and meeting their advertising revenues require new solutions.

The event finally concluded with a special moment, a private visit of the Van Gogh Museum.

Les Rencontres éditeurs Amsterdam

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