Exclusive video content: 4 factors that kill mobile website loading time

Our head of product, Juan Azabal audits a site for A+ loading time performance

When you dedicate teams and days to a single issue, small developments start to add up into major improvements. This is what we do at Marfeel. Our teams are dedicated to the metrics that are directly correlated to publishers’ bottom lines. One metric that we’re always devoting resources is page speed.

We’re opening up the process, allowing you to watch one of our product owners, Juan audit a real publisher website. In the video, Juan Azabal breaks down a publisher’s site. Shows us what is costing them loading time, how to strip back the features that affect the page speed, and reveal how to optimize them for higher speeds without downgrading performance.

Watch it here:

Optimizing page speed relies on:

Minimizing main thread work

This is the work needed to display a page, such as parsing and executing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Ensuring Offscreen images loading slowly

Lazy-loading images, only starting the loading process for images as the user scrolls near them will cut load time dramatically.

Not loading unused CSS

Ensure your mobile website doesn’t rely on heavy JS or CSS files to load, so your readers can access your content lightning-fast

Minimizing Javascript execution time

Break up your JavaScript into what is critical and what is not and Lazy-load in code that is non-critical.

In conclusion

Publishers should look to optimize their website with a mobile-first mindset, because as Juan mentions, with Google now focused on indexing sites mobile-first, it’s essential that publishers adapt to the performance era. Without minimizing assets for higher speeds, and improving your lighthouse score, you traffic and on-page experience will be penalized.

Clean up JS files to ensure you’re loading the essentials. Many websites are using old code that is no longer necessary – if a line of code is not focused on your speed and monetization efforts, lose it. Follow these steps and you will see a higher overall lighthouse score.

To see more ways you can improve your page speed—and the effect this has on advertising revene—check out all the ways we’re able to optimize page speed here.

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