Marfeel gives apps to publishers to complete its 360 degree mobile solution

Marfeel’s mobile solution now reaches readers in every way. Extensive development has finally given publishers an additional channel for reader engagement and revenue growth. Publications can be viewed as usual in a browser and now also as an app that you can download from an app store. Closing the circle on Marfeel’s mobile solution will deepen engagement for publishers and tap into new ad budgets.

What’s better? A web app that can be viewed in a browser or a native app downloaded to the mobile device?

The debate goes on and on in the tech world. But if you’ve got the resources the best strategy is to bet on BOTH!

Now readers of Marfeelized publications have two options:

  • A web app has the advantage of being discovered from search engines and social networks in the browser. It can be bookmarked and allows readers to transition from and to other websites.
  • Native apps or just “apps” live on the device. They do require a download drawing in mostly loyal readers. But these power users are likely to spend more time on the app boosting engagement and revenue.

The Marfeel team wanted to provide both channels. The more ways readers can be reached and retained the more possibilities to raise revenue and expand readership.

There were three compelling factors that made developing the native app essential for our publishers.

1. What the readers want

If readers expect to be able to download apps for their favorite publications, Marfeel wants to provide that option. Studies show that users spend a significant amount of their time consuming content in apps and are comfortable using this channel. Rather than limiting publishers’ choices about how they engage readers, we wanted to close the circle and provide a 360 degree mobile solution.

2. More sources of revenue

Native apps have distinct ad budgets and mobile advertising strategies from web apps. For instance, native apps use different kinds of data that provide targeted advertising that is more valuable. Offering this new channel gives our publishers more possibilities to generate new sources of revenue by engaging readers.

3. Perfect consistency

Marfeel doesn’t want its publishers to invest in developing an app that would need constant and costly maintenance. Developing an app is usually a one time, one shot process. After the original investment is made it can age quickly making keeping up with Marfeel’s web app challenging. The Marfeel team did not want to fragment the reader’s experience with one version of a publication on web app and another on native app.

We set out to develop feature parity or perfect consistency on both channels.  For that reason we developed the native app to seamlessly integrate with the web app. The design is virtually identical. As Marfeel’s product evolves to increase engagement and revenue so will all the channels where it can be experienced.

The apps that Marfeel provides to its partners have been created with cutting edge design and technology. These apps will be continuously improving in sync with the web app to establish one great mobile experience. 

Here are just a few things that your native apps can do:

· Push notifications with deep linking to articles
· Offline mode
· Native share via Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp
· Integrated webView to open external links
· Android and iOS support both on tablets and smartphones
· High resolution icons and splash screens
· Custom bar integration
· Analytics support inApp
· Standard key bindings on Android devices
· Seamless and smooth integration between the app and the webApp

Read more about the advantages of web apps and native apps.

To our partners: your app is available by request. Just send a quick email to and let us know you would like your own app.