Marfeel is Google certified for its mobile design solution

Marfeel is pleased to announce that it has been chosen by Google as a recommended vendor for optimizing websites for smooth functionality across all devices. Marfeel is certified by Google for the state-of-the-art mobile design it gives its partners, the speed and search engine optimization of its sites, the user experience and the overall business model.

Everyone is talking about the importance of mobile. Google last month announced “mobile-friendly” labels on mobile search results. And now they are recommending companies like Marfeel that have shown leadership in the industry of mobile design.

Google recommends Marfeel because it makes the web work better. The mobile experience it provides reduces load times, improves SEO and delivers a user experience that is intuitive and smooth. You can read more about the mobile site design principles that are essential for Google here.


The recommendation is also an endorsement of the power and potential of the business itself. In a market where mobile design has become very expensive and time consuming, Marfeel offers its service to major publishers and bloggers virtually overnight and without cost. This is possible because the team powers a design layout engine that quickly converts websites into a mobile-friendly version. The final product is ad-optimized mobile design. Marfeel boosts publishers’ traffic and grows a greater total revenue that is shared with its partners.

Juan I. Margenat, co-founder & COO of Marfeel, says, “We are thrilled to be on such good terms with Google and are honored to have been designated a recommended vendor. What does this mean for Marfeel? Confirmation that we are doing things right and how much potential we have to contribute towards a more mobile-friendly ecosystem.”

Photo Credit: “Google” by Carlos Luna on Flickr. CC Licensed.