With Google Partnership, a Natural Force Keeps Going Strong

In the tech universe, some strategic partnerships are a natural fit. Take, for example, the longstanding partnership between Marfeel and Google. This partnership has its roots in Marfeel’s early days, and it has grown organically over the years, flowering into mission-critical collaboration on Google’s milestone AMP project and, ultimately, official certification as a Google Certified Publishing Partner. As we mark the renewal of that valued recognition, what better time to reflect on the progress of our partnership?

It’s not hard to understand why the Internet giant and the fresh-thinking start-up connected when Marfeel arrived on the advertising technology scene in 2011. By then, advertising revenue already accounted for 96 percent of Google’s nearly $38 billion total annual revenue. At the beginning of the partnership, Google—which was conducting international philanthropy projects—encouraged Marfeel to share resources and expertise with developing countries in Latin America.

As online advertising evolved, the synergy between the two companies emerged more clearly. The volume of Google’s mobile search ad requests more than doubled from 2010 to 2011, and its mobile advertising revenue exploded between 2011 and 2012, reflecting the new reality that ever more users were using smartphones for their Internet searches. Google moved to improve the quality of search ads by giving mobile-optimized websites higher rankings in its search results. Marfeel, with a pioneering ad tech solution, was perfectly positioned to help publishers optimize their mobile websites. Both companies envisioned one key to optimizing mobile sites and the user experience: speed.

When faced with slow-loading mobile pages, users simply walked away, and their justified impatience was punishing publishers with lost revenues. Improving the mobile user experience was vital. Marfeel developed a unique holistic solution to address this problem, with built-in strategies for optimizing resources, maximizing engagement, and encouraging recirculation (with tactics such as removing excessive use of JavaScript and CSS, for instance.) So it was a natural progression when the need for speed brought Google and Marfeel together last year to collaborate on Google’s accelerated mobile page (AMP) project. Now, with a simple five-minute process, our publishers could instantly optimize all articles on all of their mobile web properties, from historical archives to future content—dramatically improving SEO results simultaneously across all sites.

These successful efforts culminated in Marfeel’s official certification as a Google Certified Publishing Partner in 2016. With this important designation, Google recognized our proven record of leveraging Google best practices, along with industry best practices, to optimize mobile campaigns. We’ve claimed this endorsement with pride—especially today, upon our first recertification as a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

Marfeel still lives on the leading edge of the way publishers engage with their readership and monetize their content on mobile, still constantly explores new ways to engage users and fire up site traffic. We continue to push hard toward super-speedy page loads, and toward the best possible user experience. We have faith that the future still holds exciting developments for mobile—and we have no doubt that Marfeel will keep striving to bring every advantage to our publishers first.

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