Growing Mobile Ad Trends to Look Out for During 2015

Mobile is growing faster than all other forms of digital advertising and marketers are learning that they need to develop a mobile first- approach to keep their companies profitable. BI Intelligence reports that US mobile ad spend will amount to an estimated $42 billion in 2018. With mobile on the rise, it has also been reported that Internet usage is slowing with the number of global Internet users increasing 8% to 2.8 billion, compared with growth of 10% in 2013 and 11% in 2012. With that said the emphasis on develgoping a comprehensive mobile strategy is clear – if you are not mobile first you may be mobile last, a position most companies wouldn’t want to be in.

Some mobile ad trends to look out for this year, include:

  • Vertical screens and vertical content is a big trend Users today don’t want to turn their phones around to view content and the average person spends 29% of their daily screen time looking at a smartphone. To address the need for vertical content, Snapchat has been running many vertical ads and announced that users watch them from the beginning to the end nine times more often than horizontal ads in the Snapchat app. Both Meerkat and Periscope stream vertically as well to accommodate the user preference. It will remain important for companies to make sure content is both visually and practically appealing for users so that they view content, stay on pages longer, and remain loyal to their mobile sites.
  • Data from “Things” – The IoT industry is expected to grow with predictions that in 2019 the entire IoT market will total $1.7 trillion. With so many “things” on the market, these devices will be collecting an enormous amount of data on users that will be leveraged by advertisers to better target consumers. The IoT industry will help improve the overall mobile advertising industry by providing detailed data that will optimize ads for each individual user. The key to success in mobile advertising is to address unique user needs based on past behavior patterns and preferences. 
  • India is a hot bed for opportunity in mobile and will create a surge in business for companies like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Amazon. Smartphones are penetrating the market in large numbers and is expected to reach 250 million by the end of 2015. Part of the reason for this is that fixed broadband technologies are too expensive and not implemented well enough to reach the majority of the population in India; therefore, users are turning to mobile devices. Right now India is one of the fastest growing markets and it is expected to increase throughout the next couple of years. Wherever mobile ad traffic increases so will mobile ad revenue.

For companies to stay competitive, a comprehensive mobile strategy that maps user trends is priority. Understanding where the opportunities are and creating a plan to incorporate those strategies will keep companies innovating to match user needs.

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