Why the 2015 Mobile World Congress matters to a mom blogger

Publishers and bloggers just like marketers and advertisers cannot ignore how mobile is transforming the way we consume content. The biggest event related to mobile technology in the world is being held in Barcelona on March 2-5. Content creators of all shapes and sizes pay attention! What happens here will impact the readership and monetization of your publications.

The 2015 GSMA Mobile World Congress is held in Barcelona attracting almost 100,000 people. It takes place from March 2-5 and Marfeel will be there. So will leaders from every part of the mobile industry attending keynote events, showing off products, forming partnerships and doing a lot of networking.

Here are four reasons why the 2015 Mobile World Congress matters to publishers and pro bloggers–mommy or otherwise.

1. Mobile ♥ Media

A report by comScore shows that mobile users have overtaken desktop users (See the figure below). Mobile is the technology that people now use to consume content. But content is not created in a vacuum. A publisher or blogger must be savvy about how their readers experience that content via technology. Being up to date on mobile events is one way to stay in touch with your reader and to stay ahead of the competition.

Mobile World Congress

2. Be Where the Money is

Advertisers and marketers have been eager to jump on the mobile bandwagon and publishers and bloggers trying to monetize should follow. This year and in the future ad spending on mobile will dramatically increase. According to eMarketer, advertisers will spend $64.25 billion on mobile ads in 2015. That’s an increase of 60 percent from 2014.

At the congress all the advertising experts in the world will be making decisions about the quality, value and delivery of advertising on mobile. All of this directly and indirectly affects publishers monetizing their content. Stay informed! All the big tech and financial media will be covering the event. These are a few sources that will be posting news about the congress:

3. Design Trends

New innovations in user experience and design will be showcased and spread to every corner of the mobile industry. The trends that start at the MWC will determine the standards for mobile web design in the future. Your site’s reading experience on mobile will become outmoded or outstanding depending on how quickly you incorporate these trends.

Marfeel will be showcasing its mobile web design and sharing with the congress the innovations in the reading experience that Marfeel is known for. The team will also be meeting with and exchanging best practices with other user experience specialists and graphic designers in the industry. This is an event that attracts the best professionals in every field.

4. Game Changers

The keynote speakers at the congress will be broadcasting their vision of the future of mobile technology. And these predictions aren’t just guesses. These speakers are the CEOs of the most influential companies in the world that have the power to redefine our relationship to technology. Gain insight into the future and plan accordingly! Here are just a few of the keynote speakers and the businesses behind them.

“We really would like to meet with our community of publishers and bloggers. If anyone is at the event please set up a meeting with us or drop by our booth.” — Juan I. Margenat, COO of Marfeel

Mobile World Congress