Rubbing shoulders with the global tech giants, a local mobile legend from Barcelona

Two years ago Techcrunch announced Barcelona was igniting as a technology hub. The 2015 Mobile World Congress has brought 90,000 people to Barcelona from around the world from every part of the mobile industry. This is Marfeel, one of the featured start-ups from that original article and we want to say that Barcelona’s tech hub is now on fire! We are rubbing shoulders with the global tech giants at the Mobile World Congress.

Barcelona is more than warm weather and beaches. We have inspiring accelerators, injections of capital, passionate entrepreneurship and sharp talent. Barcelona is a cosmopolitan ecosystem that moves and shakes like London or Berlin. We have become a true start-up culture.

In a Congress that is dominated by powerful tech companies, Marfeel is there with a welcoming stand. We want to share with you how it is that we got there, a kind of local legend…

A combination of talent in business, design and ad tech pushed a small start-up from peanuts to partnerships with major media groups like Bertelsmann and Prisma Media. Marfeel is based in Barcelona and founded in 2011 by Xavi Beumala and Juan I. Margenat. We are a team of graphic designers, user experience specialists, frontend and backend coders, mobile advertising experts and more.

Design is to invent with intent.

That’s what we have dedicated ourselves to. We design ad-optimized reading experiences for mobile that look fantastic and also make money for publishers and bloggers. In a market where mobile design has become very expensive and time consuming, Marfeel’s high quality win-win business model caught on quickly. At the exact moment that the world took a deeper turn towards mobile, Marfeel delivered a 360 degree mobile solution for publishers and bloggers to optimize, engage and earn.

Marfeel started to grow exponentially.

Since the company went through a €1,6M Series A round with top European VCs the impact on the publishing world and the blogging community has been staggering. In a year Marfeel and its partners have gone from 40 million readers to over 500 million readers and from 300 million page views to over 2 billion. Marfeel recently became a Google certified partner for optimizing the web, a boost that will help drive the growth of the team from 29 to 70 with a new office in New York.

We are extremely proud to be thriving in Barcelona’s start-up ecosystem. We are extremely grateful to be connecting with our community of publishers and journalists at the 2015 Mobile World Congress.

We may not be giving away iPhones, but we are giving away ad-optimized mobile design to publishers and professional bloggers.

Come by and see what your site looks like designed for mobile. Then become a partner to optimize, engage and earn. 

Cannot wait to be at the 2015 Mobile World Congress! Hope to see you there.

Mobile World Congress

Based in Barcelona and founded in 2011 by Xavi Beumala and Juan I. Margenat, the company has been through a €1,6M Series A round with top European VCs: Nauta Capital, Elaia Partners and BDMI along with Wayra. Marfeel partners with major publications and professional blogs worldwide including top brands such as Woven Digital, The Daily Caller and

Boost revenue and engage readers with Marfeel’s ad-optimized mobile design. The attractive magazine-like reading experience is optimized for speed, SEO and user experience on smartphones and tablets. Marfeel boosts engagement as readers spend more time on the site, view more pages and share more often. Most importantly, publishers earn greater revenue. The best layout positioning and formats deliver the highest paying ads in real-time. Become a Marfeel partner to optimize, engage and earn.

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