Why we’re committing to open-source organizations

Marfeel now sponsors major open-source initiatives

Marfeel’s DNA is built on the need to deliver customer value, fast. To do this, we innovate new technology, designed to optimize the performance of our publisher partners. But, every innovation relies on the work and development that went before it.

Every tech project utilizes external tools and projects, and Marfeel is no different. We rely on external tools to help deploy safely and develop faster. That is why we are committed to the on-going success of open-source projects and organizations.

Why we’re supporting open-source organizations

In the development of Marfeel, we’ve collaborated with major adtech and publishing open-source projects including Prebid Server, Prebid.Js, and Google AMP. The Marfeel team was one of the major contributors to the source code of the AMP project, contributing the second=most amount of code other than Google themselves. Development of the Prebid open source code also contributed to the creation of our own server-to-server header bidding solution, MBid

Marfeel has been able to contribute hours, new code, and review code as we’re working on finding solutions to the same problems. Due to the number of sessions managed by Marfeel, we are in a position to provide feedback and updates on these open-source projects and customize them to the needs of our digital publishers. We find issues, places to contribute pull requests and code changes.

By contributing to open-source projects we stay involved with this community. We meet people with the same motivation to create new technology and develop adtech as us. Marfeel principal architect, Óliver Fernández explained the motivation behind this project.

“Open-source projects and communities have been and will continue being super important for the Web ecosystem development and, therefore, for Marfeel’s success. It’s crucial that these projects and communities continue to exist and thrive.

For some time now, we have contributed to the community with suggestions and developing improvements for some open source projects. This year we decided that it isn’t enough and that it would be great to make some monetary contributions.”

Open-Source Sponsorships

To give back to these tools and communities that continue to support developers across the world, we’re pleased to be able to announce our official sponsorship of Styled Components, Eslint, OpenCollective, and StoryBook.

Our collaboration with open-source projects has helped us develop and customize new technology for digital publishers and, as a result, develop more effective solutions for our industry. We’re proud to contribute to the ongoing success and utility of these organizations and look forward to seeing the innovations built using this technology.

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If you’d like to learn more about how you can become part of the development of open-source projects, check our careers page to see our latest open opportunities.

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