Sprinting Towards Consolidation: InMobi Acquires Pinsight Media

InMobi, a self-described “global provider of enterprise platforms for marketers” has acquired a “mobile data and brand intelligence“ subsidiary from Sprint, one of the major U.S. telcos.

InMobi has stated that the acquisition is part of a “broader strategic partnership between InMobi and Sprint across devices, data, media, and marketing.” It represents the beginning of another marriage between mobile and marketing revolving around data.

About Pinsight Media

Pinsight Media is a data mining machine and brand intelligence company that has previously worked with leading U.S. telcos and advertisers across verticals including consumer goods, retail, entertainment, and finance. Pinsight’s aim is to offer a suite of advertising products and services that helps CMOs identify a brand’s best customers in addition to developing new, custom audiences. Pinsight also empowers tactics using insights derived from telcos’ “big data”, enabling companies to reach the right people on-device, and bring about more effective customer engagement strategies.

Before the acquisition, Pinsight Media was wholly owned by Sprint. But experts are speculating Sprint and T-Mobile (another recent merger) are strategically looking to offload anything that is not part of their core business. However, it still gets to retain the benefits of insights derived from access to data through the new connection with InMobi.

How does InMobi benefit?

If data is power then InMobi becomes more powerful by definition. By unifying the data provided by online and offline behavior, they’ll be able to raise their game with their advertising and marketing platforms.

The company is calling this an industry-first acquisition that, in addition to combining respective strengths, provides a “global template for partnerships between advertising platforms and telcos.” It also provides acquired knowledge of how to stay on the right side of compliance with privacy and data protection requirements, especially in a situation where it feels like regulators are being sticklers on privacy.

The acquisition enhances the InMobi Marketing Cloud, which becomes a more powerful tool for enterprise marketers “with a bridge between user behavior and an AI-powered marketing strategy” as the telco industry prepares for 5G technology.

Musical chairs in the ad tech industry

Telcos may be going about it in different ways but the matchmaking of potential buyers and sellers is part of an overarching trend of rapid consolidation for the ad tech sector.

You’ve got the ongoing demonstrated power of players such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google, and telcos are considering how to best utilize their seemingly boundless access to data for marketing prowess. The recent acquisition by AT&T of AppNexus is another well-publicized example, but it’s just one of several deals of this type. Earlier this year, InMobi itself also acquired an ad-serving and mediation platform for mobile video, in addition to securing a recent partnership with Microsoft.

It is musical chairs in the ad tech industry right now. The music is still playing and key players are still circling, hoping they’ll find a place to sit.

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