Our experience of awesomeness at Mobile World Congress

When we were a younger, less experienced start-up desperate to see our product go to market, it seemed it was us against the world. This week we have been at our stand in the very corner of the Congress. Go through the entrance, walk as far up and to the right as you can, and after 30 minutes or so of walking you arrive to our stand: the Congress Corner we liked to call it. We certainly were humbled by the Samsungs of the event, but we realized it wasn’t us against the world anymore. We stared into the sea of awesome screens and black suits and realized we were part of it.

We wanted to let the tech world know that we are here.

That we’re from Barcelona and we can act on the global stage too, and we accomplished that. We have spoken and closed deals with brilliant advertising experts, innovative publishers, professional bloggers, sharp designers and user experience specialists. We have been interviewed by media, we have made a wave on social networks, and still had time to pick up the freebies: USBs, camera stabilizers, power chargers and other gadgets.

The immensity of the Congress can overwhelm.

Anyone wearing high heels trying to walk from Hall 8.0 to Hall 3.0 could tell you that. Aside from the physical size of the Congress, the experience is one of sensational bombardment. Each member of our team has seen tens of thousands of unique screens during their time here. As your eyeballs jump from screen to screen, people lurch forward explaining products that you don’t know how to use. The excess of stimulation leaves you exhausted by the time the whole machine shuts down. Then the night opens up in Barcelona to the 90,000 people who came here from across the world, like a city by itself.

We felt small and we felt large at the same time.

We felt small from our corner of the Congress, but what a vast network of opportunity. What an impressive system of investment, technology, business, talent and collaboration. We were there, one stand among many that added up to the technological movement that was shaking the world: mobile. Despite too many coffees, being on our feet all day, pitching our product for the 100th time, it seemed awesome, almost as sublime as staring into a vast sea and realizing that despite your smallness you were an integral part of the experience

Thank you to everyone who we had the pleasure of speaking with at the Congress. These conversations made the event what it was.

Looking forward to build relationships with all of you!

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