Matthew Sullivan-Pond
US Advertising Director
Dennis Publishing
Our previous mobile site was just not cutting it. It was outdated, only worked on iOS and did not allow us to leverage Den of Geek’s unique position in the market and optimize our monetization, accordingly. With our new, sleek Marfeel site, we just hit 3MM users this month, for the first time ever and we are up on every single parameter, from site speed, to time spent on the site, to our bottom-line. Could not be happier.
Youva Bouzidi
Head of Digital Products
We started our partnership with Marfeel on Africanews.com and we quickly reached incredible results. The decision of moving other assets to the Marfeel solution came very quickly, including arabic.euronews.com and today we are deploying this solution across the main Euronews domain. The first results are exciting and user feedback is very positive.
Patrick Atherton
Managing Director
The South African
“Our old mobile site was slow, outdated and lacked user friendliness, resulting in poor monetization and high bounce rate to the site. Since going live with the new Marfeel mobile site, the results have come on pretty fast and have, so far, delivered beyond our expectations. The whole process from the start of the development to where we are now has been amazing. The dedicated Marfeel team have kept us in the loop the entire time and no request went unanswered, ensuring the final site went live without a hitch.”
Matt Gatty Saunt
Director, Content Sales & Licensing
We are really impressed by Marfeel’s cutting-edge technology and the amount of resources they put into adding on to it, over time. The idea that a website could be aesthetically appealing and at the same time completely monetization-driven was our top selling point. Mobile is now a leading strategy to us, thanks to the dramatic user migration we’ve been seeing, with our new Marfeel site.
Julie Strietelmeier
Owner and Editor-in-Chief
The Gadgeteer
“Their mobile sites look 100x better than what I was seeing out there.
And the fact that they design these with monetization-in-mind, was a huge plus for me.
Laura Klein
Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief
Organic Authority LLC
“To me Marfeel’s solution was the first I’ve seen that really satisfied both our aesthetics as well as monetization needs. The clean design, revenue- share model and the fact that this is not a touch & go solution, but rather an ever-evolving one, that improves over time, at NO cost, made this one a anon-brainer.”
Lori Felix
Blogger / Publisher
More With Less Today
“My mobile earnings were dismal but I knew that more and more of my readers were reading More With Less Today on phones and tablets. When I learned that Marfeel would create a mobile-ready site for me, at no cost, I jumped in; when I saw the income it was generating for me - I became a fan.”
Eddy Erichot
Digital Marketing Manager
Bauer Media France
“Marfeel has immediately und“erstood the added value they could bring to us with their technology. We have benefit from a solution that convert entirely our content into an optimized content for mobile and tablet devices. We did not have to change anything on maximag.fr or plan additional development on the website. Marfeel came with a customized proposal and a business model that met our needs. We are definitely thinking about developing a mobile app with Marfeel in 2016, following the positive results we measured with the optimized Mobile/ Tablet website brought by Marfeel.”
Harold Paris
"Our initial tests with Marfeel were impressive, our actual partnership is even better. In terms of speed, integration, and user experience, the performance we are seeing is unprecedented and we are extremely pleased with our partnership with Marfeel. We now have some great opportunities to develop a strong revenue channel on mobile and we're really looking forward to see how far we can get with this.”
Marta del Arco
Mobile Strategy Manager/iOS Developer
Mejor Contigo SLU
"Seeing the Marfeel demo we knew right away that the platform will change the face of our websites unrecognizably and there is a lot more that does not meet the surface. Our websites are now sleek, drive for more user engagement, load instantly and push for increased revenue. Mobile apps are next on our agenda with Marfeel.“