# Reporting API

Compass Reporting API can be queried from anywhere with an authentication token, to find information about your site's traffic.

This article gives you examples, you can build you own requests!

All requests use the /dashboard path, and a series of filters as query parameters.

# How do I get today's top 10 articles?

To see today's top 10 articles, use the limit and schedule filters:

filters.article: # The type of data
filters.limit: 10 # how many articles to retrieve
schedule: today # The time period to consider

With which you can build the following query:



Schedule can be one of:

  • last28days,
  • last7days,
  • yesterday,
  • today.

# How do I get the top articles of an author?

To see the top articles of a an author in the last month, you need the author's name and Compass ID in addition to the filters we've seen before.

For example, for the author Jane Doe, you need all the following parameters:

filters.author[0].id: 8940 # The author's Compass ID
filters.author[0].name: Jane Doe. # The author's full name, as they sign.
filters.article: # To retrieve articles of that author
filters.limit: 5 # how many articles to display
schedule: last28days # The time period to consider

Which gives the following query: