This storybook aims to unify Figma with the code so that the developer can work more efficiently and work more closely with the UX team. Where you will find all the components made and you only have to take it to the code without having to create new code.

# Visual PR reviews on Chromatic

To access the PRs, you need to be logged in to Chromatic via Github, you can access from the UI Review check of the Chromatic check by clicking on Details.


# How to access in Storybook

If you have access this repository you can access to storybook from:

  • https://[branch]--60649d171e4a60002176d760.chromatic.com

Storybook (opens new window)

# Steps to open Storybook on local

  1. npm install or yarn to install dependencies. Recommend remove node_modules folder before executes the command
  2. To open storybook execute npm run storybook or yarn storybook