# Product Walk-through

By gathering insightful data on changing user behaviors, Marfeel designed a holistic product that optimizes engagement and monetization potential for publishers on mobile devices.

Through proprietary technology, Marfeel delivers these two core objectives by dynamically adjusting to a publisher's brand to reinforce brand recognition, match usage patterns, and even teach new user behaviors that drive engagement and monetization.

Publishers now create content at an unprecedented pace. To deliver the relevant pieces they rapidly produce to their audience, they require an efficient way for users to scour and browse their content.

Marfeel provides the following 3 navigation levels to allow users to quickly scan a publisher's pieces in an organized way:

# Article Pages

The article pages is where the user is directed when they tap on an article on the home or section page. The orchestrated transition is engineered to provide a sleek and crisp change that clearly indicates a new navigational level through a rich image that snaps into place.


Key to every Marfeelized article details page is a captivating image to draw the reader in, in addition to built-in features that optimize the article's exposure.

To know more about how article pages are styled review article pages components and to know how the these articles are extracted from the tenant's site check Boilerpipe.

# Section Pages

The Section pages are the home or section pages of a Marfeel mobile site.

At the heart of the Section pages is the Tenant's prominent logo to increase brand power with a clean and calculated design to invite and engage the user. Beyond that are several clever elements Marfeel provides to boost recirculation that have contributed to significant increases in key engagement metrics.


To know more about how section pages are styled review sections pages components and to know how the these articles are extracted from the tenant's site check Building blocks in Content Platform section.

# Layouts

Marfeel offers many variations of layouts in the Section pages to optimally display content organized by theme.

Depending on the context of the content, the different layouts available are geared to promote the strengths of the publication and brand identity.

For example, if content is image and photo-based, these elements are highlighted with text ideally positioned around them.

If content is text-based, captions, titles, and text are prioritized optimally.

Review the Layouts article to know how they are defined.

Marfeel provides an image gallery that aggregates all images from a Tenant's content.

Usage patterns indicate that galleries provide an ideal opportunity to increase pageviews and impressions as users tend to navigate through many images when exposed to a gallery.

The Marfeel solution has several features in place to ensure that the images, presentation, and UX of a publisher's galleries are of the highest caliber, to maximize engagement and the revenue generated from increased impressions.


# Theming and styling

Marfeel is committed to promoting a publisher's brand and reinforcing it through their mobile site. The Marfeel platform is catered for each customer through the abundance of themes it offers and the styles that can be customized.

Marfeel offers multiple themes and styling customizations such as using a light theme with white colors that optimize visuals and statistically enhances readability and engagement.

For a comprehensive overview of the theme and style options available in the Marfeel solution, review the Theming & Styling section.

# Ads

Advertising is a fundamental revenue stream for a publisher's mobile site.

Marfeel delivers numerous enhanced features to optimize the presentation, integration, and monetization of ads in a customer's Marfeel mobile site. This ensures that a publisher's ad setup promotes a pristine UX while maximizing the publication's ad revenue.

For more information regarding ads in Marfeel check Advertisement section.