# Overview

MarfeelPress is a WordPress plugin developed to facilitate content extraction and update, as well as give control to publishers thanks to customization panels directly inside WordPress.

MarfeelPress is highly configurable, following the extensibility philosophy, it can be tweaked to fulfill tenants' necessities.

# Benefits

Activating Marfeel using the MarfeelPress plugin enables several benefits that are not included in the classic Marfeel solution.

# Configuration-free extraction

The extraction of content for MarfeelPress tenants is automatically configured. Using the API routes configured to access the WordPress database, content extraction is fast and smooth.

MarfeelPress Ripper retrieves sections content and MarfeelPress Extractor retireves articles content.

# Automated content updates

Content updates are detected thanks to the integration of Wordpress Hooks (opens new window).

When the plugin detects a change, either the release of a new post or a post modification, it launches the content invalidation process.


Learn all about content updates in the invalidation article.

# Server-side Device Detection

MarfeelPress uses the Warda code by default, instead of the Garda, enabling Server-side Device Detection. If MarfeelPress detects the tenant is not compatible with server-side device detection, using the Garda in all desktop pages is also an option.

# Take control over customizations

MarfeelPress plugin enables several configuration panels, which give control to customize multiple aspects of the tenant: Look & Feel, Sections, Metrics, Commenting system, Social Networks, Native ads, Ads.txt...

Check the MarfeelPress interface article to learn the details about all configuration options.

# Ads.txt

Upon activation, MarfeelPress handles Ads.txt and provides a panel for configuration. Find all details explained in the Ads.txt generation article.

# Activation

Prior to Marfeel activation, the requirements described in the Activation Requirements article must be fullfilled.

Once met, check the Marfeel Activation article to learn about the activation flow.