# Widgets Extension Point

Marfeel supports a wealth of widget extensions that can be implemented in different ways. Independently of the detection method or implementation, widgets always appear as sandboxed iframes on a Marfeel site, to guarantee security and performance. No custom JavaScript can impact the runtime of a page: all widget's code is strictly executing within the iframe.

# Iframe widgets

If a publisher wraps their widget in an iframe in their HTML, Marfeel Boilerpipe can detect it and integrate automatically without any custom development.

This is the optimal way for a publisher to manage custom widgets, giving them full control over their behavior.

Using iframes also ensures that the Tenant's customized widgets appear in their Marfeel-produced Google AMP pages without any extra or special support. AMP is generating more and more traffic for publishers by the month. Not integrating widgets with iframes means that a customer's readers cannot access the widgets that add value to their content.

Read more on iframe integration.

# Widget providers


This feature is in Beta. Don't use Widget Providers unless explicitly asked to by the TEN team.

If the widget can't be wrapped in an iframe on the publisher's side, Marfeel develops a new Widget Provider for XPLib tenants.

Widget providers follow all of Marfeel's best practices for providers and should be preferred for all new developments.

Read more on Widget Providers.

# 3pi widgets

Finally, a 3pi (for 3rd party) widget can be developed for legacy tenants.

3pi widgets are also following best practices, like being hosted in iframes and compatible with all channels.

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