Real Time Bidding- Supply Side Platform

Marfeel's SSP platform utilizes the Real Time Bidding (RTB) approach and provides a one-point-integration to multiple ad exchanges, top ad networks and premium advertisers, to allow publishers to auction off ad impressions in an individualized technique, which optimizes ad space value, by dynamically setting floor prices and accurately predicting the top rate an advertiser or a DSP (demand-side platform) would be willing to pay. Read more about how to boost your ad revenue

Dynamic Ad Placement
Dynamic ad placement allows us to adjust who sees your ads and when they see them, based on usage. The Marfeel solution allows for you to present less ads to your ‘power users’, reducing ad impressions to improve UX to those frequently- returning users.
Individualized User Targeting
Based on exclusive access to billions of user data points from direct publishers, including user-behavior and usage patterns, allows for improved ad-serving accuracy and improved CTR rates.